LPSC Do Not Call Program - Consumer On-Line Registration Form

I request that the Louisiana Public Service Commission enroll my residential telephone number in the Louisiana "Do Not Call" Program using this on-line form.

Please fill out the form in its entirety. Please list only one First and Last name. Be sure to give a complete phone number, including a valid area code. Note: the form will not be processed if all required fields are not completed or if an incorrect area code is given. For multiple phone numbers, please fill out a separate form for each. (Please register only residential phone numbers).

The information obtained in this registration is not open to public inspection or disclosure as defined in the Commission's General Order dated November 7, 2001. The Louisiana Public Service Commission will take all necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of the information in its database.

You will receive a confirmation screen upon successful transmission of this form.

Note: This form does not employ encryption during the transmission phase. The information being sent, although personal, is public domain, and does not include anything sensitive such as drivers license numbers, bank numbers, credit card numbers or social security numbers. Address and phone information can be obtained from a vast array of sources, including Internet people finders, address database CD-ROMS, white pages, etc.

If you do not feel comfortable sending the information in this way, please print the form, complete it, and send it via standard mail to:

Louisiana Public Service Commission
Louisiana Do Not Call Program
Galvez Building, 12th Floor
602 North Fifth Street
Post Office Box 91154
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9154