Telecommunications Annual Reports

Louisiana Public Service Commission ("LPSC" or "Commission") General Order No. 2 dated July 1, 1921 requires all companies providing utility and telecommunications services within the state of Louisiana and under the jurisdiction of the LPSC to file an annual report of its financial and operating conditions. The filing deadline for the annual reports is 120 days from the end of the calendar year, or the applicable fiscal year. Effective June 19, 2012, the late fee penalty for failure to file an annual report by the filing deadline is $500. Repeated offenses or failure to pay late fee penalties may result in fines and/or penalties including the revocation of a company's certificate of authority to operate. Pursuant to  General Order dated November 22, 2011, (Docket No. R-31953), "All Annual Reports filed with the Commission by regulated companies shall form the basis for the assessment of I & S Fees as provided for in La. R.S. 45:1179 and shall be sworn to before a notary public by the owner or officer/officers having personal knowledge of the facts set forth therein."


All companies are expected to print the appropriate forms, complete the forms, and return the forms to the Commission on or before the filing deadline. All financial information provided should be Louisiana specific. Utilities may utilize a filing format other that those provided if approved by the Commission. . Utility or Carrier Annual Report filings should be addressed to:

Louisiana Public Service Commission
Attn: Utilities Division - Annual Report
PO Box 91154
Baton Rouge, LA  70821-9154

In addition, any future changes to the fiscal year end should also be provided to the Commission in writing.  Written requests for an extension of the filing deadline should be received by the Commission two weeks prior to the filing deadline.  Questions may be directed to Brian McManus in the Economics Division at (225) 342-2720.


Annual Report Forms


All Jurisdictional Utilities and Telecommunications Service Providers with underground facilities

Affidavit of Compliance
Louisiana Underground Facility/Utility Damage Prevention Law

ILEC's CLEC'sCAPs,Resellers, & Facilities Based LD CarriersPayphone Operators

Company Type Report Name Reference Reporting Year Due Date Contents
TSP Annual Financial Reports General Order 7-1-1921 & General Order 6-19-2012 Calendar Year May 1st Income statement & balance sheet Specific to Louisiana
ILEC Local Interconnection Terminating Traffic Report Section (901)G General Order as Amended 12/14/06 Calendar Year April 1st Download form
PDF Format
Word Format

ILEC Technical/Market Trial Report Section 401(6A) General Order as Amended 12/14/06 Trial Period (not to exceed 6 months) 30 days after end of trial Summary of results of trial and future plans for the new service
ILEC (excluding AT&T Louisiana) Surveillance Report Section 701(J)(2) General Order as Amended 12/14/06 Calendar Year May 1st Requirements as set out in Order U-21181
AT&T Louisiana Semiannual (non-LPSC reports) Section 701(J)(2) General Order as Amended 12/14/06 As required by non-LPSC entities 30 days after issuance
  • Annual reports of ILEC & parent corporation
  • Forms 10Q and 10K of ILEC & parent corporation
  • Proxy statements including financial data not in annual report
  • Shareholder newsletters
  • ARMIS reports
Price Cap ILEC Price Cap Reports Section 701(J)(2) General Order as Amended 12/14/06

January 1st - June 30th

July 1st - December 31st

September 30th


March 31st

Price cap income statement and company average net investment Appendix C
Price Cap ILEC Service Category Classification Report Section 701(F)(3) General Order as Amended 12/14/06 June 1st -
May 31st
July 1 st
  • New services introduced during the year
  • Basis for proposed market classification
Price Cap ILEC Monitoring Report

Section 701(J)(1) General Order as Amended 12/14/06

Upon Request  
  • Marketplace changes
  • Impact of competition
  • Competitive status of services
  • Impact of federal initiatives
  • Technical compatibility between carriers
  • Service performance of new market entrants
ILEC Certification of Compliance General Order dated 3/29/00 Calendar Year April 1 st Download form
PDF Format
Word Format