The LPSC Distinguished Speaker Series is an important component of the Commission’s continuing education program. Through these lectures, recent developments as well as the traditional issues such as the economics of regulation, energy markets, telecommunication, economic principles of ratemaking and the related topics in regulatory economics are explored.


Upcoming Speakers:




Past Speakers:


Ronald N. Norton, Ph.D. University of Maine at Augusta, “Performance- Based Regulation”

Stephen P.A. Brown, Ph.D. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, “Energy Markets and The National Economy”

Eric N. Smith, Entergy - Tulane Energy Institute, "Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Imports and Their Impact on the State, Regional, and National Economies"

Dan C. Delurey, U.S. Demand Response Coordinating Committee, “Demand Response: What Is It and Why is Everyone Talking About It?”

Mark A. Jamison, Ph.D. University of Florida, "Hardening the Electric Infrastructure for Hurricanes"

Sam Napolitano, Director, Clean Air Markets Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Cap and Trade Programs for Air Emissions"


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