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Notice: The Louisiana Public Service Commission has been alerted of another possible scam on electric utility customers, this time Entergy customers. Commissioner Lambert Boissiere of District 3 was called by a customer stating that he had received a call from an individual stating that they must pay their electric bill that day or their power would be cut off. The Commission will be investigating these calls but would like everyone to be vigilant and not release any personal information or attempt to make a payment with these individuals. Any questions should be directed to the utility company and the Commission.



Identity Theft and Telemarketing Fraud

Emergency Defered Billing Guidelines

Household Goods Moves Within Louisiana
If you are moving household goods from one location within Louisiana to another location within Louisiana, the move is regulated by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (“LPSC”). Please ensure that the mover you have retained to move your household goods is registered and in good standing with the LPSC. You may contact the Transportation Division of the LPSC with any further questions before your move. In the event that you experienced sub-standard service during your move or you have discovered that the mover you retained was not registered with the LPSC, you may file a complaint with the Transportation Division and an investigation will be opened. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.


Energy Saving Tips

Victims of Family Violence

A customer or applicant that has been determined to be a victim of family violence as defined in the La. R.S. 46:2121.1 by treating medical personnel, by law enforcement personnel, by the office of a District Attorney, by the office of the Attorney General, or by a designated representative of a family violence program established under the La. R.S. 46:2122, et seq. shall be exempt from the utilities initial credit and/or deposit requirements as established in that utility's tariff. This determination shall be evidenced by submission of a certification letter to the utility. The certification letter must be printed on the letterhead of the certifying agency or accompanied by a letter on agency letterhead identifying the certifying individual. The certification letter expires after ninety (90) days.